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More than 40 years of research and development by MBE has been put into development of highly efficient superior quality machines which are used for separating magnetic materials from non- magnetic materials. These machines include JONES® WHIMS and PERMOS®, the former being a high intensity machine whereas the second a medium intensity machine. Continuous improvements in their technical features and the high acceptance by our worldwide clients testify the lasting success and state of the art of the JONES® WHIMS and PERMOS® MIMS.

JONES®: Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator

The JONES is a uniquely designed WHIMS which can separate feebly magnetic material from non- magnetic materials at a very fine grain size (<2 mm), depending on application. The JONES is capable of producing very high magnetic field intensity of upto 1.5T at very low energy consumption and thus guarantees low operating and maintenance costs.

Salient features of the JONES® include:

• Very high magnetic intensity upto 1.5T

• High dry throughput achieved in a single machine upto 400 tph

• Special grooved plate design which ensures maintenance of uniform gap between the plates for long operating time thus creates a uniform magnetic field magnetic field throughout.

• Advanced feeding devices

• Robust design

• Low energy consumption

• Particle size upto 2mm

• Air cooled coil boxes

• Low operating and maintenance costs

Type Capacity (dry tph) Diameter (m) Power (kW)
DP 335Q 400 3.35 260
DP 335 220 3.35 120
DP 317 140 3.17 85
DP 180 40 1.8 30
DP 71 5 0.71 21
P 40 0.5 0.4 4.6
PERMOS®: Medium Intensity Magnetic Separator

It is medium intensity magnetic drum separator which allows wet and dry separation of coarse and fine materials with a medium susceptibility at high throughput rates. As a permanent magnet is present in the PERMOS® hence no electricity is required to produce the magnetic field. Strong field intensities and an advanced design of the magnet system guaranty low operating costs. The PERMOS® MIMS operates at 0.5T on the drum surface and meets the demand for cost- effective solutions for many applications.

Salient features of PERMOS® MIMS:-

• Equipped with a high quality permanent magnet (NdFeB)

• Specially magnetized heavy duty magnet blocks

• High magnetic fields upto 0.5T on the drum surface

• For both dry and wet process

• Drum shell of stainless steel

• Rubber lining for wear protection

• Discharge roll for easier discharge of magnetic concentrate driven by a separate motor

• Cost- effective low energy consumption and high throughput

Type Capacity (dry tph) Diameter (m)
DP 335Q 400 3.35
DP 335 220 3.35
DP 317 140 3.17
DP 180 40 1.8
DP 71 5 0.71
P 40 0.5 0.4